Reportable Transactions Resources - Article
Natural persons who fail
to disclose a reportable
transaction to the IRS
are subject to a $10,000
penalty. Other
nonreporting taxpayers
are subject to a $50,000

The penalties are
increased to $100,000
and $200,000,
respectively, for natural
persons and other
taxpayers who fail to
disclose a reportable
transaction that is a
listed transaction
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    retirement assets but instead got wrapped up in a court battle that eventually led to multi-million dollar settlements
    involving local accountants and insurance agents. While the tale is horrifying in that it took a long time to resolve, and
    cost the people plenty of time, money, and aggravation, it is clear validation that what we have been saying for years now
    is true: Things can get really ugly for participants in 412i plans, 419e plans, listed and reportable transactions, and
    section 79 plans, or any other entity that the IRS calls an "abusive tax shelter."

    Read Thomas Harding’s three-part story about a few family’s trials and tribulations, then make sure you call 516-935-
    7346 to keep you from experiencing the same kind of aggravation. The IRS is still hammering taxpayers with these
    audits, fines, and penalties. You could be next.

A Tale of 412i Fraud, Misrepresentation, Fines and Penalties
Call 516 935-7346
Call 516-935-7346